Gambling, just like anything else in life, comes with unspoken rules that need to be followed, whether you’re a rookie or an expert. It’s a kind of etiquette of the game and although many of the rules aren’t explicitly stated, they’re generally understood, and they exist in order to maintain a positive and respectful gambling experience for everyone involved.

But what are these rules and how do you know if you’re sticking to them?

Here are some of the most important unspoken rules of gambling that you need to follow if you want to fit in and be respected within the gambling community.

  1. Always Respect the Other Players

This ought to go without saying but it’s imperative that you treat your fellow gamblers with respect. Don’t make nasty comments or outwardly criticise their decisions. Avoid being overly excited and celebrating too much when you win.

  1. Be a Good Loser

You win some, you lose some and that’s totally normal. However, it’s all about how you take the losses that’s important. Whatever you do, don’t be a sore loser. Avoid getting angry, blaming the dealer or taking it out on other players. Rather, suck it up and carry on with the game.

  1. Tipping the Dealer

You may not know this but if you’re having a good time at a table, whether you’re winning or losing, it’s customary to tip the dealer. You don’t have to, but it’s a nice way to show that you appreciate their service. You can decide how much you want to tip, but about 5% of your winnings is pretty standard.

  1. Make Sure You’re Aware of Betting Limits and Table Etiquette

Different games and different tables may have varying etiquette and betting limits, so figure that out beforehand and make sure you respect these things. Keep a handle on the pace of the game too so that you don’t take overly long to make decisions that’ll end up frustrating other players.

  1. Don’t Touch Other Players’ Chips

One of the biggest no-nos in gambling is to touch other people’s chips. It’s impolite and some people may even think you’re trying to cheat! Everybody manages their own chips and only the dealer can interfere with other people’s chips and cards, so keep your hands to yourself.

  1. Don’t Play if You Don’t Know the Rules

You don’t have to be a pro to play but avoid jumping into a game if you don’t actually know the rules. Try and learn at home by playing online pokies or table games before you go to the casino, and make sure you read up a bit about the basic etiquette of the game you’re playing.

  1. Manage Your Behaviour

When at a casino, always have fun but try and be calm and don’t be excessive – whether it’s in terms of celebrating or being upset about a loss. Don’t drink too much and get too loud. Just have fun and try and stay composed while you’re at the table. It makes for a lot more fun if everyone is chilled.

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