Over the years, people have been known to place bets on some really random things. While sports like football, horse racing, rugby, and tennis are all very popular things to bet on, there’s so much more to the betting world than you might think.

From presidential candidates to the inevitable destruction of human civilization, the world of online betting extends far beyond most people’s wildest dreams. Below, we’ve listed six of the strangest things people bet on online.


Are we alone in the universe? If aliens exist, will we ever get to meet them? If so, when? These are some of the questions that UFO bettors take seriously.

In the past few years, there’s been a huge uptick in interest in the prospect of alien life. People like to bet on different aspects of a potential UFO invasion, such as what they will look like, whether there will be a humans-versus-aliens war, and who would win if it happened.

Celebrity divorces

No aspect of modern life can escape pop culture, and the world of online betting is no exception. Celebrity relationships have always been a hotly contested topic, and now people can place bets on which ones will survive! It’s modern life at its finest.

Bog snorkeling

If you’ve never heard of bog snorkeling before, you aren’t alone. Very few people are even aware that it exists – let alone that it is a niche betting option!

But despite its utter bizarreness, there is actually a World Bog Snorkeling Championship in which contestants swim and race against each other through smelly, green water. Believe it or not, people love to bet on this strange sport.

Election betting

Election betting may not be the strangest thing on this list, but it isn’t as well-known as one might think. As political leaders rise and fall, people enjoy placing bets on who will be the next president and how long their term might be.

The apocalypse

Have you ever wondered how the world will end? Apocalypse betting might be for you. There are loads of end-times scenarios to explore, and betting on them is, for some people, a fun way to process the potential fall of human civilization.

For instance, there is currently a bet placed on the scenario that a meteor will strike Buckingham Palace before the end of 2023. Will it happen? Time will tell.

Weather forecasts

You can also gamble on weather forecasts. If you’ve got a sixth sense for upcoming bouts of rainfall or extended dry spells, find an online betting site that allows you to gamble on upcoming weather. You can win big and feel more connected to nature.

Wager On Whatever You Choose

Betting is an extremely fun and exhilarating way to spend your time, especially when there are things as crazy as these to bet on.

If you are getting bored of betting on regular things like racing or sports, why not get a little experimental with one of these strange betting topics? It can make the whole experience of betting even more thrilling.

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