This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup has a record 32 teams taking part, and the tournament has sparked huge international interest. In fact, women’s tournaments in all the biggest sports are starting to take the main stage at last – giving those who like to place a wager even more chance to win big.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is taking place in New Zealand and Australia. It got underway on July 20 and runs until August 20, when the final will be played. The group stages are always exciting as you never know which of the smaller teams will cause an upset and prevent one of the bigger teams from getting into the playoffs. Then you get the quarter finals, semifinal and the playoff for third and fourth place, and the big final on the last day.

Different Betting Strategies

So, what are the ways that you can add to the fun of the tournament with some sports betting?

  • Overall Winner

One of the simplest ways to bet on a world cup of any kind is to pick the overall winner of the tournament and put your money on them. To do this wisely, you need to understand the odds that the bookkeepers give to the teams to win. You start by looking at the favorites – in this case it’s the USA team, followed by England and Germany.

The higher the teams are on the list of favorites, the better your odds are on winning. However, you’re not likely to win as much money because more people are going to be betting the same way as you. If you want to take a bit more of a risk with the potential of higher reward, go for a team lower on the list – just be aware that your chances of winning are lower.

  • Outcome of Matches or Stages

If you don’t want to wait until the entire tournament is done, you can also bet on the individual matches within the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Just like with AFL betting, you don’t need to wait until the final to back a winner. Again, it’s a case of looking at the odds and deciding if you fancy taking a chance on the less likely team to win or stick with the favorite.

It’s also fun to place bets on the outcome of the various stages. You can bet on who makes the quarter finals, semifinals and finals. This way it’s not about winning matches specifically, it’s more about winning ways in general in the tournament.

  • Top Goal Scorer or Player

The top goal scorer in both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cups is called the Golden Boot. Then you get the overall best player of the tournament, who is awarded the Golden Ball. When placing your bets here, just remember that these are individual awards, and they don’t necessarily have be players from winning teams.

Join the Fun of the FIFA Women’s World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is an exciting event with so many avenues to explore if you’re keen on some sports betting.

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