The world of online gaming is exciting, and blackjack is part of it all. The key to have the most fun and to winning well is to ensure that you understand what you’re playing and to have a solid strategy in place.

If you’re a beginner to online blackjack, these tips will help you to get going:

  1. Know the Difference Between Online and Live

Some people use these terms interchangeably, but there is actually a significant difference. An online blackjack game is where the dealer is a computer. You can play with real people at your digital table, but the dealer is not a person and the cards being used are digitally pulled up. In a live game, you’re playing against a real dealer in a room who is filmed and streamed to you on your computer. In this version of the game, a real deck of cards is being used and you’re playing against a human.

  1. Learn The Different Types of Online Blackjack

There are five different types of blackjack and all come with slight variations of the rules. As you can imagine, it’s quite important that you know which version you’re playing so that you can strategize according to the rules.

The five different types are Classic (or American), European, Vegas Strip, Switch and Free Bet. The Classic version is the most widely played around the world. You also get Perfect Pairs, which is actually a side bet. However, this can be so popular that people play it as their primary game.

  1. Avoid Insurance Bets

An insurance bet is a side bet that’s offered to casino players when the dealer has an ace as their up card. Essentially, you’re betting against yourself winning now and betting that the dealer has blackjack (an ace and a ten). It often seems like a good idea because you’re betting on your hand and on the dealer’s hand – you’re far more likely to win, right? Not really. The best-case scenario is that you don’t lose any money on that round. Worst-case scenario, you lose both your original bet and your new insurance bet.

  1. Don’t Let Yourself Get Distracted

When playing online blackjack, you’re usually not at a dedicated space for playing. You could be at your desk at work, at home on your couch or on the go on your phone. Whatever the case may be, you’re actually far more likely to get distracted while playing because you aren’t at the casino, focused on the task at hand. This is not good for your strategy. Make sure that you set yourself up in a space and a frame of mind where you know you can achieve success in your blackjack game.

Enjoy Your Online Blackjack Even More

With online blackjack, it’s all about setting yourself up to win. You need to know the game you’re playing, and the rules associated with it. You also need to set limits on your playing time and space to ensure you’re properly focused.

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