Why do I need a home inspection?

Buying, selling or renovating a home is an important decision and a professional home inspection is your best tool when it comes to making smart decisions and taking the risk out of your investment. Unless you want to roll the dice and hope for the best, think Inspection FIRST and the answer should be YES.

Are you really willing to risk it all by letting a family member in the construction industry take a look at it? Let's call him Uncle Stan. Sure, he knows a few things about homes, but is it enough? Are you really willing to let Uncle Stan's opinion be the make or break on the integrity and quality of the property you are about to purchase? Will you be able to sleep at night?

You've dreamt of home ownership for years. You've worked hard and saved your hard earned cash for that day you can afford a home of your own. You finally find your dream home and within 30 minutes, you fall in love with the location, layout and everything about it. You are ready to buy it, committing to a 25 year mortgage and when you factor in interest payments, could cost you as much as double the purchase price.

Think of Inspection FIRST as your proverbial 'Uncle Stan', only so much better! We still come over, ask a lot of questions and points out areas of concern that you did not notice - but we actually know what we are talking about. We bring 40 years of construction experience, are fully trained and the have thousands of successful inspections under our belt. We extremely thorough, and are in no hurry to do the job right and make sure that you don't get ripped off.

In the end, rest assured that we have your best interest in mind and have nothing to gain by pointing out areas of concern. Inspection FIRST is there for YOU and you only. We put ourselves in your shoes as a current or future homeowner and our job is to tell it like it is - the good the bad and ugly. Then it's your decision what you chose to do with the information.