"I have hired Inspection FIRST to inspect 8 properties in the last 10 years and Willy's skills and attention to detail far outdo any other franchised home inspection company I have used before. He far outdoes them and pointed out more stuff in one inspection than the other two put together."
Anita B.
8 X Repeat client

"I was most impressed by Willy's vast knowledge about how to repair things. Bottom line, he knows how to do it and how much it will cost. This sets him apart from other inspectors as not only does he point out a potential problem, he takes it to the next level in telling you how it could be fixed, if it's worth fixing and fully explaining it to you in a way you can understand."
John D.

"Willy is very honest, knowledgeable and his construction experience really comes through in his work."
Jenn B.

"Willy is very knowledgeable and twice as thorough as any other inspector I have hired. I just wouldn't trust anyone else to do my home inspections. "
Lorraine Z.

In Willy's words..."If something is worthwhile inspecting, it's worth inspecting right."