Selling a home: Home Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection

The Goal - To evaluate your property and provide a detailed report that can be offered to a potential home buyer as part of the disclosure of what you are selling.
Identify any problematic area that would otherwise be uncovered by a potential home buyer by way of their own independent inspection.

What is included? -Consulting with the home seller in establishing a maintenance and repair list of items that can be improved prior to the listing of your property.
-Deliver a comprehensive visual inspection inside and out.
-Deliver a detailed report to outline problem areas that you may choose to address and/or repair before selling your home to increase the value and marketability.

Benefits? -Avoid compromising a pending sale by being aware of potential problems and possibly correcting obstacles before you list your home for sale.
-Sell your home faster and greatly improve resale value.
-Using a pre-sale inspection is a valuable marketing tool to set your home apart.
-Minimize the stress of last minute delays and costly renegotiating.

Extra Value Package Inspection FIRST Inc. recognizes that every home seller is most likely a home buyer; therefore we offer an exclusive package for the home seller that includes the following:
-A cursory site inspection of the home you are selling including a verbal report identifying any problems with your home that could impede the sale.
-Our written recommendation regarding any repair or maintenance items that can be addressed and completed prior to the listing of your home, so that you can realize the highest resale value.
-A full and detailed inspection of a subsequent home that you may wish to purchase. If the first new potential home we inspect is not purchased for any reason, an entitlement to subsequent full inspections at a discounted price.