Preparing for a Renovation

When a home owner considers renovating their property there are many elements of a renovation project that are naturally considered to be essential to the success of the project.

Some of these elements might include;

The Goal - We assist home owners by using our extensive construction experience to insure that renovation projects are guaranteed to produce a positive outcome with the results you envisioned. While most people get caught up in managing the elements including arranging for financing, hiring an architect to design the renovations and prepare construction drawings, involving a lawyers to review construction contracts and hiring a general contractor and sub trades, the hiring of a home inspector is often overlooked and could actually be the most important element of all.

What is included?
Our involvement can include working with property owners to:
-Reviewing your space and architectural requirements.
-Reviewing all prepared drawings so as to provide you with an opinion on any design features that should be considered even prior to initiating any construction.
-Assisting you in recommending what materials should be used and bringing forward information for you to consider relative to any new high tech and hybrid materials etc.

Benefits? - Unlike the cursory inspections carried out by building inspectors, our home inspector, who is working for you, can dedicate as much time as required to ensure that the entire process of construction at your residence. Our inspector follows critical procedures and that all work being done meets or exceeds construction standards. Inspection FIRST Inc. is also often called upon to resolve disputes with the property owner and a general contractors resulting from poor workmanship and other typical concerns that arise during these projects. We can also certify stages of payment request to ensure that your renovation contractor has delivered value reflecting each progress draw outlined in your agreements.