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Willy Freeman

Home Inspections

Many fortunes are made in buying and selling real estate. Let Inspection First's professional, trained home inspectors take the gamble out of property investments by leveraging decades of construction experience to closely evaluate your property.

Top 3 REASONS to CALL Inspection FIRST...

1. Buying a pre-owned home

2. Buying or building a new home.

3. Feeling ripped off by a shoddy renovation job?

Protect your investment by getting the Facts

A home inspection is a powerful tool that protects your property investment. We are essentially testing your home, grading it in a variety of subject areas with a Pass, a Fail or Needs Improvement. Using modern technology and testing equipment and following a proven set of home inspection practices, your detailed, easy-to-

understand report clearly tells the story of each individual property under inspection.

Your report lists suggested repairs or improvements and gives you a starting point to measure where the property sits on the grading scale. With this information, you can be a fully informed consumer to make smart, informed decisions.

An inspection answers the following important questions:

  • Is this property safe to live in?
        - structurally, mechanically & environmentally

  • Is everything mechanically sound and working properly?
        - furnace, water heater, air conditioner, etc.

  • Have major components been installed professionally to meet safety codes?
        - heating and cooling, plumbing, ventilation, electrical, etc.

  • Could fixing a small problem now prevent having a larger expense in the future?
        - roof, insulation, windows, foundation, etc.

  • Are there any repairs required to meet basic safety requirements?


Inspection FIRST headquarters is based out of Cambridge, Ontario and will serve clients within a 1 hour drive, including the following municipalities around these major geographical areas:

  • Kitchener, Waterloo area from Listowell to Elmira and Guelph

  • West Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Georgetown, and Brampton

  • Hamilton area from Burlington to Milton

  • London area from Woodstock to Brantford and Stratford

Professional Associations

AHIT Habitat Home Gauge CAHPI OAHI